Leanne Staples photography

Leanne Staples is primarily a street, social documentary and urban landscape photographer and artist. Her photos have been featured in many magazines and on numerous websites. Her photos have been shown in galleries in Barcelona, Milan and New York City.

She was given her first camera at the age of 12 by her father. For many years her concentration was mainly as an architectural photographer. It was, as she has said, an obsessive pursuit for an unreal purity. One day, after being annoyed by people walking into her shot, she decided not to fight it anymore and instead to shoot people passing by the buildings. That began her venture into street photography!

She started out in film and after some skepticism about digital, she finally made the transition in 2006. A self-described gonzo photog, you can find her on the streets with camera in hand searching for the perfect backdrop in which to shoot. A few things that she is always seeking out are shadows, reflections, patterns, motion blur, clouds, graffiti, and interesting people. She studied film and literature at university and is planning on writing about photography in the very near future. She is a Co-Founder of Shoot the Street.

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